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Appalachian St. Upset #14 Coastal Carolina

Scott Kinser. Shutterstock Images.

Hand up, it's on me that I have been hyping up Coastal Carolina all season. I really loved this team of dudes with mullets that were always hyped and had immaculate vibes. But somehow they got upset by 4-2 Appalachian State. First off, I blame the helmets for Coastal's loss. They were way too flashy.

Also, I said that Coastal Carolina was clowning way too early in the game. I jinxed them.

I had heard App state was coming to upset tonight and I had my suspicions but once Coastal went up 14 I thought it was just going to be business as usual. But then App state QB Chase Brice went off.

App State climbed back into the game with another touchdown.

They did an onside kick in the 2nd quarter?!!!


Chase Brice, who transferred from Clemson and Duke, was amazing.

The best part about this game is you could tell these guys really were going at it. 

It was an absolute dogfight and us fans were the real winners here. Coastal's defense made some big stops before the half.


Just enough for Coastal to snipe a field goal at the last second.

Appalachian State was not going to go quietly. Another huge play.

And then another big play to tie it.

Heading into the 4th quarter App state tied it up and what I thought was going to be a blowout turned into an absolute scrap.


The fourth quarter was a chippy defensive battle.

Coastal made 2 huge stops to prevent App State from taking the lead. But finally, the time had to run out at some point, and at that time App State was in kicking range.

I mean that final play before the kick can show you what type of game this was. A street fight of a football game.


Chase Brice threw for 347 and 2 touchdowns and I can imagine why he was so hyped. You see Chase Brice had a lot of motivation going into this game.

I love Teddy Gallagher, the spiritual leader and captain of Coastal Carolina, but in this case, he poked the wrong bear. Gallagher came to play though with 2 huge 4th down stops and played like an absolute warrior. As a Coastal believer, I wanted to see them go undefeated and get a chance against a top 10 team, but the hardest games to win are on the road in conference. Especially with an atmosphere like Appalachian State. 

It was an amazing game that someone had to win.