It Took Just One Game For The Boston Celtics To Rip Our Hearts Out

Nathaniel S. Butler. Getty Images.

Holy hell what a wild opener that was. The fact that we have 81 more of these things is not a great sign for my overall health. The back and forth, the insane plays on both ends, double OT, that was about as wild a first game as your going to get. In typical fashion, the Celts ripped our hearts out. They wasted an all time Jaylen performance like a bunch of assholes. Sloppy play down the stretch, terrible defense, yet they still had every opportunity to win. But with Tatum throwing up a pretty brutal 7-30 (2-15) performance shit like this is going to happen. His starting seasons slow isn't all that surprising, but there's no denying they needed him to actually show up. Give them a 10-30 performance and the Celts win this game. He's sort of an important piece, and we saw him fall into bad habits too frequently down the stretch of this game. I doubt we'll see too many more 7-30s, but in the moment it's obviously not good enough. The same is true with how this team played in the second half. Smart's decision making went to hell before he became the hero with that tying three. We still saw a bunch of the bad habits that plagued the 2020 season. Poor offense and ball movement in closing moments, even worse defense, and ultimately they were bailed out by a couple deep threes to send it to OT. That's not exactly what you want to see.

To make matters worse, it was death my Evan Fournier. What the fuck was that? Now he's suddenly the player we all hoped he would be as a Celtic? Dropping 30, hitting dagger three after dagger three, talk about a kick to the dick. That's the Evan Fournier I always wanted to see last year. Brutal.

Losing a game like that sucks. Especially when you had the win right in your grasp. We'll talk more about the specifics tomorrow, but the one thing we've learned is this team still knows how to cause us pain. Game 1, that's all it took.