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It's Time To Go All In On Texas Basketball After Chris Beard Said He's Giving Up Beer This Season As Part Of 'Team Sacrifice'

Well now I'm all-in on Texas. I liked their roster and gave them out as a future. But if Chris Beard is going to give up beer, something he truly loves, then you know they are serious in Austin. Not like they have a football team to get jazzed up about. Texas football for sure not back. Texas basketball though? Well they are back. I know, I know. They lost to Abilene Christian last year in the NCAA Tournament, but that was Shaka's team. This is a whole different beast. Like I said before, this team is loaded. Beard dominated the transfer market with guys like Marcus Carr (Minnesota), Devin Askew (Kentucky), Dylan Disu (Vanderbilt), Timmy Allen (Utah), Christian Bishop (Creighton) and Tre Mitchell (UMass). That doesn't even include bringing back Andrew Jones, Courtney Ramey and Jase Febres. He legit can go 10 deep and not lose that much off the bench. 

If there's one thing we know too - Beard loves having a cold beer. In fact he said that's what helped him back in the 2019 Final Four. 

And let's not forget how Texas Tech attempted to keep him in Lubbock. 

Free beer for life is a pretty sick deal. And you get a side of pasta with each beer? Hard to say no to that even if Texas can pay you a ton of money and Austin is pretty awesome. But back to this specific move, it's awesome. Oh everyone giving up something of significant for team sacrifice? Let me give up some beer. Part of me is concerned that this is what fuels Beard though. Maybe he cracks a Lone Star and breaks down film. That's how he became an unreal X's and O's coach. But the fact is if Beard is giving up beer, you know Texas is serious. That +1000 looks a little bit better.