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Montrezl Harrell Got His First Tech Of The Season For Talking Shit To… Drake

This feels like potentially the most unfair technical foul in basketball history, and Tim Duncan once got tossed for smiling politely on the bench. But the refs gotta snip this in the bud before Drake starts swinging games via technical fouls and ejections. Drake will cross lines, because he knows nothing is gonna happen - both from NBA security and the players he’s chirping. This man was giving Nick Nurse full body massages on the sidelines, he could probably take a couple shots throughout the course of the game if he wanted. I’m fine with all of that, but if you’re gonna pass out techs to players then you’ve gotta call it both ways. This is either a double tech or you let Montrezl and Drake say whatever they want to one another. I’m good with either, just be consistent.