The GOAT Talks About Getting "Horned Up Offensively" With Wayne Gretzky Between Periods

Say what you want about Biz and his suit and his hair and his nose. But what you can't say is that the man doesn't have a great hockey brain. He may not know how to pronounce last names, but he knows the game. And he knows when a team is looking a little horny out there offensively. He knows when the blood is flowing through the wrench and the boys are looking to make a few extra plays out there. 

And if anybody knows about being horned up offensively, it's the guy who holds literally every offensive record in the game--Wayne Gretzky. 

If you had Biz and Gretz talking about being horny on your 2021 bingo card, well congratulations. The fact that this is just week 2 is incredible. The rapport these two beauts have on the broadcast already is incredible. It's appointment television. No offense to NBC or anything like that but thank fucking god they lost the broadcasting rights. 

Sidenote: As funny as the horned up moment was, this moment from Biz was excellent. Beautifully said, indeed.