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Gym Bros Are Eating "Great Ape Growth and Reproduction Formula" For Gainz

Maybe the title is alarmist but this actually sounds pretty genius for gains. You see GymBros are great apes and GymBros have been trying to figure out how to put on mass for ages efficiently and cheaply. This 25 lb bag of super gains with all the nutrition, carbs, vitamins, and protein for growth and reproduction is perfect for what gym bros are trying to do.

This stuff is like pre-workout, vitamins, protein powder, mass gainer, and fish oil all in one. The stuff seems pretty incredible if you ask me. It is 25 lbs for $27.99, which is over a couple of weeks of mass gainer for dollars a week! If you compare it to the price of other mass gainers it is a way better bang for your buck. 

Also, great apes are jacked. 

Like this is literally the peak of great ape physic. Look at what Great Apes at zoos are doing on this stuff.

How could you not want a physique like this, all obtained by eating the great ape GROWTH & REPRODUCTION formula? That literally means get JACKED & FUCK.

All jokes aside bodybuilding forums make me laugh my ass off and it is so funny to see some of the stuff guys take to get an edge.

Would honestly recommend these monkey biscuits over sarms.