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The Undertaker Introducing Pitbull At An Event In Saudi Arabia Is Bizarre To Say The Least

Uh, what the fuck? There a glitch in the matrix or some shit? What's going on?

I mean, with all due respect to Pitbull - I really never thought I'd hear The Undertaker utter the words "Mr. Worldwide" in full gimmick while his theme music plays in the background. I'm perplexed beyond belief. 

He wasn't even any good at it, either! He called Pitbull an international stuperstar!

I guess this confirms/spoils the fact that The Undertaker is in Saudi Arabia with the WWE for Crown Jewel, so look out for The Deadman at that show (which actually has a stacked card)

Let's just hope it goes better than his last couple visits to Saudi....

P.S. I actually can't believe Vince is bringing Taker back again - one of his favorite panic buttons. I joked about it days ago on Twitter and never thought in a million years it'd actually come true....THIS WEEK!