Washington Is Rumored To Be Interested In Tua If The Dolphins Trade For Deshaun Watson


First things first, I don't know who Coty M. Davis is nor do I know if you can trust that spelling of "Cody". But his tweet is gathering steam on the ol' interwebs so it's usually better to blog the smoke than not to. Again, he could be throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks for all I know. So that all being said, how would we feel about Tua to Washington? I guess...fine? Depending on the return, obviously. I sort of assumed after going 4-13 this season we'd draft a QB first round, but if the WFT can get Tua for pennies on the dollar, I suppose you can roll the dice with him the rest of the season and see what's there, and then evaluate come draft time what the best decision is moving forward.

If the Dolphins want a first rounder or something absurd for Tua, absolutely not. If it's as easy as a 3rd, sure, let's gamble. 

Who knows if it's true or not, but this tweet summing up the WFT made me laugh: