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We Finally Got Mike Squires To Sit Down With White Sox Dave

Monster week for us at Barstool Chicago with the Wedding draft controversy, Aaron Rodgers murdering us and our takeover of Wednesday rundowns. Lots to process and take in with the crew but nothing more significant than WSD orchestrating a full on sitdown with the man behind the John Cusack story. The genesis of his superiority over WSD is rooted in Mike Squires's tenure with the White Sox and we finally get to hear from the man himself. Needless to say it was an insightful look at life after professional sports. It's also rumored Mike Squires might be the nicest man to ever wear the uniform. I'm sure Sox fans don't take pride in that designation but fact of the matter is it's true. We're big Mike Squires guys at Barstool Chicago. 

Another big piece of the show is the psychology behind getting dominated by Aaron Rodgers for nearly every second of our adult lives. Albert Pujols against the Cubs was one thing. LeBron had another notable yet short term domination over Thibs's Bulls. Obviously Brett Favre had his run but it honestly pales in comparison when you look at Rogers vs. the Chicago Bears. He's one win less than Favre (22 vs. 23) with 9 less starts to his name. Rodgers has just 3 less touchdown passes yet 32 fewer interceptions. In hindsight the only organization to give either QB legitimate resistance has been the Minnesota Vikings. And now here I am thinking I'd have more pride wearing the purple than pulling for my Monsters. That's a fucked up realization but a realization nonetheless. Aaron Rodgers does in fact own us. 

Bright side is we're only 13 point underdogs this weekend in Tampa. You guys can cancel the season if you want but a massive road win puts the Bears right back on the playoff graphic. Granted that means shutting down the trio AB, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin but crazier things have happened, I think. Either way I'm not afraid of their combined 10 touchdowns and 1250 yards receiving through 6 games because that's a sign of weakness and I want to convince myself of a fighting chance. Data says we're fucked but if that's so obvious then why do we line up and play the game? This is why I look like I'm 45 by the way. I do this to myself. 

I'd probably be more shameful but I don't really have a choice. Everything about this team says it's just a dumpster fire disaster that's mediocre and meaningless. But sooner or later it has to turn a corner and I don't want to be sitting on the sidelines when that happens. Ipso facto I'm your optimistic meatball that's just setting himself up for a future mental breakdown. Lucky for me you guys have already seen me at my worst. No shame in that. 

Now see me and the Barstool Chicago guys at our best. Go watch or listen to Red Line Radio. Two shows a week has been a blessing. Next one out first thing tomorrow morning. 

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