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Shoutout To Max Homa For Reminding Corinna Kopf I Selflessly Saved His Cat From A Tree The Other Day

Wow. Thank you, Max! I know the other day when I did that heroic (and risky) act of kindness I said I didn't want you to put it on social media or anything. I had simply just done it for a friend. BUT if you had simply just HAD to put it out there on twitter in my time of need I'm not gonna complain! So I might as well give everyone the backstory while we're here! The other day I just happened to roaming around Old Town Scottsdale in Arizona after a fun night at the Rusty Spur Saloon and a wonderful lunch at Frank & Lupe's Cafe. As I was pulling into the hotel parking lot in my new Lamborghini, I got a text from Max that his cat was stuck in a tree after it ran away from an & upcoming UFC Fighter who wanted to throw hands with said cat after an abundance of meows. It's not in my heart to just go to my room & take a nap after hearing that I instantly sped to the scene of the crime. After a quick throat punch to said fighter I scaled the tree with ease to save Mr. Homa's cat in an instant to the wondrous applause of a crowd nearing a thousand people.

It was a moment I'll never forget, although as previously stated I told Max to keep it quiet since I don't want to be publicly-lauded for my acts of kindness. I will say though if there was ever a time for Max to break that rule it would be to up my resume to the magnificent Corinna Kopf after I send out a tweet like this.

Now THAT, people, is how you reciprocate a great act for a friend. Updates to follow!