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The Bloodhound Gang Do The Grossest Bit On Stage And Seeing It Live Was Something I'll Never Soon Forget

*Warning: Gross*



This came up yesterday on the Cracking Aces podcast when we were talking about the worst concerts we've ever seen. I saw the Bloodhound Gang at Santa Fe Cafe (RIP) in College Park Maryland in either 2009 or 2010. During the show, they did the above bit. As I remembered it, another guy chugged the vomit beer, but it's possible I'm misremembering it...but also entirely possible that actually happened. 

*Blog Breaking News*

I just looked up more videos and yeah, there are videos of him puking on his bandmate. Glad I didn't misremember!

It was a hell of a way to confuse a crowd. Here we were, a bunch of horned up blacked out college kids waiting to hear The Bad Touch and next thing we knew some on-stage vomit play was happening before our very eyes. I think we all cheered but the rest of the show is a blur. I don't even remember hearing Bad Touch. Just remember the vomit chug. 

Somehow, that was not the worst show I saw at that venue that year. LIT of "My Own Worst Enemy" fame was very, very bad. Obviously I was devastated as nothing gets me going like late 90's, early 2000's hits. Me, a beer, and a Goo Goo Dolls record is all I need to be content. But LIT absolutely STUNK. It broke my heart.

Best shows at Fe? Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, obviously. 


Also on yesterday's CA podcast, we learn about Mintz's family tree, Smitty once heckled the Gin Blossoms, our best drunk poker stories, and other fun shit. Was a very casual, laid back episode just shooting the shit. Also, congrats to Phil!



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