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Get Hot... Stay Hot

I'll cut right to the chase folks... I AM FUCKING HOT. Entering last week this blog was on an 11-2 run. I had to cool off at some point right ? 

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Let's go over last week's picks : 

  • The double digit underdog worth taking a ML stab at is _ : Purdue (+420) …. WINNER
  •   vs is my favorite Over of the week : Virginia / Duke OVER 69.5… LOSS
  • Bonus pick … Virginia -11 … WINNER 
  • The future worth looking at is :  PITT +350 to win the ACC…. TBD but has dropped to +150
  • My best bet is : Colorado State Rams -10.5 … WINNER

That's 3-1 with a +420 outright winner, bringing this space to a 14-3 run, including Purdue +420 in week 7, Nevada +185 in Week 5, and Baylor +215 in Week 4…. which totals +15.9 units. 

At this point, like me or despise me, you should at least be looking at the hot hand. Game respects game 14-3 is 14-3 and +15.9 units is +15.9 units. 

Let's dive into this weekend : 

- Double Digit Underdog worth a stab on the ML is ?

I try to change up the questions every week but given how exhilarating Purdue was last week, I figured I would go back to the well. Leave it to me to pick a week with extremely limited options, but nonetheless here we are. 

I chose between two here. The runner up here is UL Monroe +410. I am NOT playing the money line but I will give the bonus pick UL Monroe +13. This UL Monroe team has already pulled upsets over TROY and Liberty. Both as 20+ point dogs. They just seem to be an upset special type of team. However, can lightning strike three times, let alone twice in a row ? I passed on the ML for that reason, however I do think The Warhawks can keep this one close. South Alabama statistically holds every advantage in this one, but something just seems to be going right for Terry Bowden and the boys and I'll back them again here. 

The one I am riding with is Texas St +290 . Let's channel our Quantum Week Chris and do an activity/game : 

Spot the difference statistically of these two teams : 

Team A : Offensively : 83rd in PPG, 100th in Total Yards , Defensively : 114th in PPG allowed, 92nd in Total Yards allowed 

Team B: Offensively: 97th in PPG, 86th in Total Yards, Defensively : 119th in PPG allowed, 98th in Total Yards allowed 

I sure as hell can't. You're telling me one of these teams is going to blow out the other ? You're telling me each of these teams can't win ? I'll take the one with the +290 next to it's name. 

Again, neither one really lights up the stat sheets. Texas St is on an 8-3 ATS run, so why not root for the dog in an ugly matchup ? 

For the record Team A is Texas St, Team B is Georgia St.

-The team I think wins in a blowout and would bump the line to lay 3 points more is ?

Very simple here. I would go with Ohio St -24 at +114  (moves it 2.5 points or 3 depending on when you get it) on The Barstool Sportsbook move the line feature. But more so I will give you a bonus pick of : Ohio St -27.5 +155.

I think Indiana playing a somewhat close game against Ohio St last year, is all the motivation Ohio St needs. Stroud, Henderson , Olave, and Wilson will be too much. Buckeyes show what I though since June.. they are a national title contender. 

There's a tad of a worry in a look ahead spot with State Penn on deck , but I think The Buckeyes cruise start to finish. 

- vs __ is my under of the week 

If it ain't broke don't fix it. I had an Arizona under on my full card last week, I'm going back to the well here with a Friday night game : 


Arizona / Washington UNDER 46.5

These teams combined to score 37.5 ppg (lowest total of any game this week), 710.5 total combined yards per game (11th lowest total of any game this week). 

The defenses combined to allow 52.3 points per game (33rd lowest total of any game this week), and just 715.5 total yards per game (17th lowest combined total of any game this week) . Not 85 bears, but respectable. 

Under is the play. 

Situational Spots

Road Warriors 

* Teams on the 2nd game of back to back road games *

- Clemson @ Pitt

- Georgia Tech @ Virginia (bye week  in between)

- NC State @ Miami

- Wake Forest @ Army (bye week in between) 

- E.Carolina @ Houston (bye week in between)

- Temple @ USF (bye week in between)

- Maryland @ Minnesota ( bye week in between) 

- West Virginia @TCU (bye week in between)

- MTSU @ UCONN (bye week in between)

- Rice @ UAB 

- W.Kentucky @ FIU

- Kent State @ Ohio 

- Colorado St @ Utah State

- San Diego St @ Air Force 

- BYU @ Washington State 

- Liberty @ North Texas

- New Mexico St @ Hawaii (bye week in between)

Look Ahead 

- Houston vs ECU ( SMU on deck) 

- Michigan vs Northwestern ( @ Michigan St on deck) 

- Ohio St @ Indiana ( State Penn on deck) 

- State Penn vs Illinois ( Ohio State on deck) 

The full video of Pick Em can be found here : 

Pick Em cards here : 

I'm in first place for the Pat Hill Trophy. 

As always bet with the Barstool Sportsbook and bet responsibly. Have a great weekend.