Kemba Walker's "I'm Coming Home" Video Takes Us Into His First Game As A New York Knick

Hand up, I had no clue someone made this video a couple of months ago once Kemba signed with the Knicks because I was wiping the debris from the Woj Bomb announcing Kemba was coming back to New York off my face weeks later. But damn that was a beautiful video. About 3 minutes too long, but still beautiful. 

I think we could've gotten the point all the same with some clips from Rice, his best Big East Tournament moments of course led by Gary McGhee being crossed to hell, and a few NBA highlights finished with him playing with the Knicks in the preseason as the angelic voice of Skylar Grey send our ears to heaven.

It's all good though. The Knicks have their best collection of point guards for as long as I can remember as long as Thibs doesn't grind the vets' already questionable knees into dust. So let's get excited about what may be the best Knicks team we've seen in years as we get a Kemba Revenge Game to kick off the season. God knows we deserve it. Bring the chaos tonight, Knicks fans.