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Incredible Proof That Coach K Is The Most Humble Guy In America And This Season Is Absolutely Not A Farewell Tour

I didn't want to blog about K, but here we are. If we're going to get scenes like this my hands are tied. Coach K, the most humble man in America. It's not a retirement tour. Nope. Just a gigantic screen like he's Zordon in Power Rangers. 

One thing is for certain this farewell tour - yes, it's a farewell tour - is going to be equally annoying and hilarious. We're going to get insane images like this. Or we're going to asinine videos like this. 

It's going to make Derek Jeter's retirement tour seem reasonable. And look at that stare in the picture. That's a guy who knows he has an entire cult in Durham looking up to him. That's a man who knows exactly what he's doing. I fully get it's likely a screen shot from a hype video. But come on, I can't stress this enough, I don't get why people can't agree he's a hell of a coach who is an incredible hypocrite and annoying loser. All things can be true. Just look at every single time he speaks after a loss. Honestly I'd appreciate if he just embraced it and left that image up all year overlooking the floor. But he can't embrace anything. 

Buckle in folks because this is just getting started.