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Florida Sheriff Gives The Best Life Advice

Are you thirsty? Drink a 7UP. Hungry? Eat a MoonPie. Murdering people? Stop it! These are the wise words of Polk County Sheriff, Grady Judd. 

Personally, those would not be my go to drink and snack, but I’m also not out here murdering people. I'm more of a Code Red and Peanut Butter M&M's kinda guy, but the point stands. If you're murdering people, stop it!

This could either be a great marketing opportunity or the worst. Is Sheriff Grady saying that 7UP and MoonPies help calm people down so they are less violent? OR is the implication that murderers have a sweet tooth for them? Again, they aren’t my go to.

This isn't the first piece of advice we've gotten from Sheriff Grady. Since becoming Sheriff in 2005, Grady has been known for his press conferences where he speaks like an old school football coach or a stern southern dad that used to be just disappointed, but is now also mad. He's everything you'd expect when you hear "Polk County Florida Sheriff".