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Oh Sick, College Basketball Is Apparently Just Not Going To Call Travels This Year Because Moves 'Trickled Down' From The NBA


I don't try to be old man yelling at clouds when it comes to basketball, but let me scream this loud and clear. What the living fuck? We're just not calling walks that are 'technically illegal' because of moves that trickled down. I'm not even anti-NBA. There are things I wish we brought from the NBA to our game. Most notably 4 quarters, like every other level in this sport. At least add in continuation so we don't have refs all over the place being inconsistent. I don't ask for much. I just want to watch a college basketball game that isn't filled with horrendous calls and inconsistent calls. 

IF we're going to go insane here can we get full insane? Give me refs with microphones just yelling out how awesome the play was like it's Dyckman or Rucker Park. Give me refs going to the announcers to describe the replay call and tell them 'we wanted to call a walk, but the move was too awesome. Our hands are tied.' If we're going to get 'trickled down' moves or whatever the fuck, just give me all the insanity. Nothing else makes sense in this sport I love. 

Just remember this blog when in 3 weeks a close game has a clear walk and the refs just start celebrating it. There's absolutely zero chance this works out well. Want to improve the offense? Fine. But it's college basketball, everything is cyclical there. You get a year with the talent down, you get a year where it's loaded. Shit happens. Letting the NBA travel rule, which everyone appears to hate, trickle down makes no sense. There are roughly a million different things to fix first. It's either a walk or not a walk. There has to be a clear definition like every other rule. If it's not a walk, change the rule so it's written and clear as day. This subjectivity though? Disaster.