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Our King Billy Joel Is Trending For Giving Away The First Rows Of His Concerts To Real Fans AKA Cute Girls

THAT'S MY PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There will never be someone else as famous & successful as Billy Joel while being the common man that he still is and that's just simply a fact. This man is as down-home and Long Island as they come. Sure has he maybe done things a lot of regular Long Island folks haven't like maybe marry Christie Brinkley and tour with Elton John? Of course he has very much done those things! Yet you see things like this tweet to remind yourself that beyond all of that he's just a 5'5 god from Hicksville that can rock the fuck out of a piano & write song lyrics that'll make you want to bumrush a stage & cry at the same time. And those type of guys look out for the real fans because they sure were real fans back before they made it big as well.

Now, granted, as cool as this I know I'll never get the nod to go up to the first few rows because of one very specific reason Joel mentioned on Jimmy Kimmel a few years back.

I am a pleasantly plump man. I am very much NOT a cute girl...I actually know multiple girls that have been to shows at the Garden and sat front row for this reason so I can very much confirm that it's true which is amazing. So yeah I'm shit out of luck on that forefront but the awesome factor is still there. Kings stay kings.