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The NBA Season Just Started And Kyle Kuzma Is Already Taking Shots At The Lakers

Wait, do I like Kyle Kuzma now? I'm willing to ignore the part where he posted this to his story and then deleted it. That's soft. If you're going to talk shit about your old team, have some guts and leave it up. As far as I'm concerned though Kyle Kuzma can talk all the shit he wants. Lakers fans went from calling him better than Jayson Tatum to basically blaming him for all their struggles. The second LeBron decided he was done with him, Kuzma was shipped off to a rebuilding Wizards team. How'd Russell Westbrook look last night? Not great! Sure, the Lakers are talked about as being Finals contenders and the Wizards will be fighting for the play in most likely, but whatever. You think that matters to Kyle Kuzma? He got his ring. He got his $3/39M deal and now he should in theory have a larger role in Washington where who knows, maybe he takes a leap. Kuzma did shoot 40% from three with 2.8 3PM in the preseason so that's something to build on. 

I'm just someone who loves the drama and will always encourage a player to be petty. There's also something funny about Kyle Kuzma talking shit about anyone or any team because he's ya know....Kyle Kuzma. But as they say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. If Kuzma wants to shit on the Lakers I will be there to support him 100%. I will say though, while that Kuzma stat is funny (I have no idea if it's even true tbh), that's not even the best weird Lakers stat. For my money, it's this

We have our very own NBA version of the Giants boat picture! You know, this

A real shame if you ask me. Will the Lakers ever win again? People are asking. 

All I know is I can't wait for the first Wizards/Lakers game. Something tells me LeBron is going to make him pay for that one. Maybe that's why Kuzma deleted it. Maybe he'll claim he got hacked or something. I say don't back down. Who knows, if the Lakers we saw last night end up being who they are, they might stink. It's basically LeBron/AD and that's it.  

This is the beauty of the NBA. Never in my life did I ever think I would find myself fully supporting Kyle Kuzma of all people yet here we are. They can't even go one day without some sort of drama. It's the greatest, and it's why the NBA being back is going to be so much fun. Between this and the Marvin Bagley shit out in SAC, we're off to a great start.