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Uh Oh The Pelicans Are Reportedly Concerned That Zion Is Fat Again Now That He Weighs 300 Pounds

[Source] - He's since reached north of 300 pounds this offseason, sources said, again fueling concerns among New Orleans staffers similar to the months leading up to his rookie debut. When he joined the Pelicans' recent preseason trip to Minnesota, several league personnel on hand were struck by his heavier appearance than his listed playing weight last season of 284 pounds. "I know Zion at 280, and he was not 280," said one observer. 

Ahh, this is how I know the NBA is here. The old debate about whether or not the Pelicans are concerned about Zion's weight. This time we have a number - he's north of 300 pounds. Of course this is all due to the fact that he has a foot injury and will be out to start the season ... again. The argument about the Pelicans and Zion's weight has basically been a thing since his first ever preseason. 

Here's what I do know. Zion is fucking good at basketball. Breaking news, hot take, I know. 

When he plays, he's awesome. He can take over a game, but the problem is he's hurt a lot. So what do you do here? Every time he's hurt this report is going to come up. Every time he's on a minutes restriction there is going to be talk about his conditioning and all that bullshit. 

Now the same thing is going to happen. There are reports that Zion put on weight when he's hurt. There are reports that the Pelicans are concerned. Then there becomes the debate whether or not he stays with the Pelicans. Honestly, I think the NBA should fix what they wronged and put him in New York with his good friend RJ Barrett. Everyone that's good on the Pelicans ends up leaving the team - Chris Paul, Anthony Davis and eventually Zion. I'll take his 27/7/4 for 60 games a year. 

All I know is basketball is officially here. Reports debating Zion and the Pelicans relationship and weight are here. Let's play some ball. 

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