Baker Mayfield Has Been Ruled OUT Tomorrow Night Vs. The Broncos

Wellllllllllllll, shit. First of all, I don't want to hear any "be careful what you wish for" people tomorrow night. I know I'm on record saying that Case Keenum for $6 million is a better option for this team next year than Baker Mayfield for $40 million, but at this current moment, this is really bad news. The fact of the matter is that the Browns have lost two in a row, are tied for last place in the AFC North, and are now without their starting quarterback, both starting offensive tackles, their top 2 running backs, and multiple defensive players. The hands down most disappointing team in the NFL thus far is about to roll out the 2nd and 3rd stringers tomorrow night in what I would consider to be pretty close to a must win game when you look up and see that the Ravens are 5-1. 

And after cleaning off my glasses to make sure I was reading it correctly, I see that the Browns are still favored by 3 points tomorrow.....? I'd never bet against my own team but if lived in any of the other 49 states I'd take the Broncos and the points down to the local construction site and ask the boys for the biggest tool they got. I'd be looking to HAMMER.

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Then again, isn't this a Case Keenum Revenge Game? The man signed a 2-year, $36 million deal with the Broncos and was traded WITH a 7th round pick for a 6th round pick??? Yikes. A little added motivation for our guy. Will be checking the props tomorrow morning.

But oh man, what happens if he plays well? If Case Keenum wins this game with the crew the Browns are rolling out tomorrow, folks, we're going to have what we in the industry like to call a Quarterback Controversy in Cleveland. Especially when you factor in that it sounds like Baker's fully torn labrum isn't going to get much better with rest. He's going to deal with it for the rest of the year until he can have surgery….which apparently he fully intends to keep trying to do….

I will say: no one will ever question Baker Mayfield's heart or toughness or will to win. I really do like the guy. No one else I'd rather win with. I only question his ability to be a $40 million franchise QB, that's all. And now I think tomorrow night will go a long way in determining that. If Case Keenum looks better than Baker has been, things will get quite interesting. I just wish Keenum had Chubb and Hunt and Jarvis and our two starting offensive tackles. But instead he's basically quarterbacking the Little Giants tomorrow…