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You Simply Have To Respect These 3 Bros That Ate Chipotle In All 50 States In 50 Days

The balls on these guys! I kinda love this, I think? Like the idea of traveling to 50 states in 50 days has always been a dream of mine since I'm an absolute whore for a good old fashioned American road trip so there is no doubt in my mind I'm jealous of them on that forefront. There's just nothing better than you, your buddies, maybe a few beverages (not the one driving obviously as we are responsible adults), and the open spidey senses are tingling just thinking about the possibility of that! So credit to these guys for actually doing it and doing it BIG attempting to go viral while eating the same friggen food for 50 different days across 50 different states.

Now I only have 2 complaints here and they're (shockingly) both food related. The first being was Chipotle the best choice for 50 straight days? Let's call a spade a spade- Chipotle doesn't have the most expansive menu out there. All you're really looking at is burritos, bowls, tacos, and the occasional quesadilla. Would maybe something like McDonald's or Wendy's potentially have been better due to the vastness of their menus? Who knows. And secondly if I'm going to every single state in 50 days I'm just gonna need to try each state's food that they're famous for so my fingers are crossed that they did. Sure they better have had their Chipotle for lunch in New Mexico, but they BETTER have gotten some green chile burgers at night or else this whole friggen road trip just may be a waste in my eyes.

Yet at the end of the day as I said I could not be any more jealous of these fellas. Just living the absolute chowing down on some burritos while seeing every fucking state this country has to offer. Not to mention they even went to fucking Hawaii and Alaska, too! That's commitment like you read about. Respect.