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Pray For Daniel Jones: Andrew Thomas Has Been Placed On The IR

It's not often that I would be fine with the Giants putting their young left tackle on IR, but considering Andrew Thomas has already injured both feet after struggling with a foot injury last year, I am more than fine with letting him heal during yet another absolutely lost season. There may be some short sighted decisions made by a front office and coaching staff that may need some wins to save their jobs. But when it comes to a potential franchise left tackle that has shown real improvement his second year in the league, you have to fix him, rest him, and love him. 

The thought of my little lamb Daniel dying behind a line bookended by Matt Peart and Nate Solder is admittedly not all that excisting. However, I'm excited that we get to see how far along Peart is since the Giants were determined to remind us how abysmal of a signing Solder has been was by starting his washed up ass every game this season. I know Peart gave up a strip sack on his first play replacing Thomas. But it's not like Solder wasn't a disaster from the jump either.

So rest up AT for three weeks, three months, or as long as it takes for him to feel better and do the same for Kadarius Toney since they are two of the very few players I can confidently say should and will be here for the foreseeable future.


As for our QB1 suddenly devoid of most of his offensive line and weapons in a season where every other fan says has NO EXCUSES...