Kimbo Slice Jr Talks About Watching His Dad Punch A Man's Eyeball Loose When He Was In The Sixth Grade

I had the pleasure of chatting with Kimbo Slice Jr in My Mom's Basement this week, and we talked a ton about his father's legacy. 

At one point, I asked him when the first time he saw his dad fight, and Slice told me it was when he was in the sixth grade - his father came home all bloody, and had him worried, but then he found out it wasn't Kimbo's was Big D's.

Kimbo had just punched Big D's eyeball out of his skull in a fight that has since gone insanely viral - and Kimbo Jr was the first one to see it. Pretty unreal.

In this interview, we discussed Kimbo Jr's upcoming move from mixed martial arts to boxing, whether or not he'd fight at Rough N Rowdy (spoiler alert - he would)....

….turning his father's old fights into NFTs, and more. Check it out.