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An Elementary School Teacher Accidentally Handed Out "Stoney Patch Kids" Weed Gummies As A Reward To A Student In Her Class, Not Once, But Twice

An elementary school teacher in South Carolina has been arrested after a student allegedly pulled two packs of marijuana edibles from an in-class "reward" box, authorities say.

According to a press release from the Lexington County Sheriff's Department, Victoria Farish Weiss surrendered to deputies last Friday after being charged with possession of a schedule 1 drug.

In the press release, Sheriff Jay Koon alleges that a child in Weiss' class was allowed to grab a treat from a box of candy that Weiss used as a reward for students. The student allegedly chose a pack of "Stoney Patch Kids," which are marijuana edibles.

"Detectives confirmed during interviews that Weiss took the pack of edibles from the student and told him to pick something else from the box," the statement alleges. "The student went back to the box and happened to grab another pack of edibles."

According to an incident report obtained by WIS-TV, Weiss, 27, was later "hysterical" when an assistant principal confronted her about the incident. She is no longer employed with the school district.

Fuuuuuuuuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. BIG MISTAKES HERE, VICTORIA! First of all, it fucking sucks she got fired. None of the kids ate the edibles, the situation was resolved quickly, but man...I guess she had to be? Don't get me on my "legalize weed" soap box, but I think even if weed WERE legal in South Carolina, this would have the same outcome? I get it. The Stoney Patch Kids look A LOT like regular Sour Patch Kids:

It's a very easy mistake. I've had edibles out on display in my house before, and have had ADULT friends eat them accidentally thinking they were regular candy. But…if you're a teacher, you have to be on guard better than this, right? You can't afford to make mistakes like these. If they kept digging in that prize box, would they find liquor nips? A couple of loose addys? A few vials of coke? WHERE DOES IT STOP? These are elementary school kids - she's honestly lucky they squealed about the edibles right away, imagine if they hadn't? And for it to happen TWICE! Kids aren't stupid. If I were in their shoes here, and I knew I had weed gummies in my hand from a TEACHER, I would keep that shit locked up and get all my friends stoned in my basement at home. We'd all get way too high, being 12 and all, probably get busted by our parents, and this teacher would be locked up for YEARS. 

Does this woman just have a mound of real candy and weed candy, mixed together in her house that she takes handfuls of any time she needs to replenish this box? Damn. I guess the moral of the story is, keep your weed candy separate from your real candy. And don't give it to kids. Keep it super far away from kids. Especially if you are an elementary school teacher, who will likely lose a lot more than her job over what boils down to a really careless mistake.