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Ole Miss Will Have Arch Manning's Last Name Painted in the End Zones When He Visits This Weekend

Fresh off a wild win over Tennessee in Knoxville, No. 12 Ole Miss is looking forward to being back at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium this Saturday to take on LSU. In fact, they're already showing off all the fixings they'll have for what is officially being billed as Eli Manning's number retirement.

One of the special additions this weekend is that Eli's last name will apparently be painted in the end zones for the game. That's pretty cool. I wonder if there's any other motivation Ole Miss would have to put "Manning" in giant letters on the field?

Ah, that's right. One of the most prized recruits in the history of college football, who just so happens to have that same last name, will be in attendance. Purely a coincidence, I'm sure.

I can't get over what Arch Manning's life must be like right now. He's 16 years old and there are probably only two or three quarterbacks actually playing college football right now who are talked about more than he is. Every coach in America wants him more than they want to breathe, but Lane Kiffin is really breaking out all the stops. Manning is the only person Kiffin follows on Instagram and I wouldn't be surprised if this week's end zone design was a direct request from the Rebels' head coach, either.

Manning has already had unofficial visits to Georgia, Alabama and Texas so far this season, but his visit to Oxford may be the biggest media circus yet. They're pretty familiar with his name down there.