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It’s go time baby! Starting QB Colt McCoy. Could not be more excited to have Colt under center to go up against shitty Dallas on Monday night. He is going to pick them apart. It’s going to be BRUTAL. This has to have been the plan all along, right? Get RG3 hurt and out of the picture. Get a bunch of sheep to believe Kirk is the savior, and then have the best of the 3, Colt McCoy, burst onto the scene and set the NFL on fire. Probably going to have to make rules that help defenses after he’s done having his way with them. Are the Cowboys seriously even going to show up on Monday? I mean, I guess it’s valiant if they do. Like, good for them. The should get a trophy for participating. But it’s the Colt Train and it ain’t stoppin for some no names in Texas.