Ain't No Bautista Bomb Like A Backyard Wrestling Bautista Bomb

Those of us that liked wrestling growing up have all had a shared experience. Once the match we were watching ended, we started throwing peoples elbows on pillows or if you, like me, had brothers then the den turned into your own personal PPV. The one thing we were all missing, though, is that sweet, sweet canvas. Well luckily, these Indie circuits got em' and they got guys willing to get bombed through the earth's crust on them! Our hero in purple may not have gotten his barefoot adversary up to the full position, but he made up for it with power on the bomb drop. As for Mr. Barefoot, that looked like his spine exploded. Canvas or not, that had to HURT. But you know what the best part of this video was? Exactly what I mentioned in the tweets caption, the cameraman giving the Tom &Jerry YEAAAAAWHOOOOOOO! 

I'll tell you what, ASW Philly is going to be the first place I stop next time I visit the city that killed Hitchbot. Well, actually the second place after Xfinity Live. And maybe Little Sicily II(if you live in Philly, they have something called an Indian Chicken Cheesesteak which is maybe a top-5 food I've ever eaten).