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Julius Randle Expects "Chaos" From Knicks Fans Tomorrow Night At MSG

Holy fuck, I was excited enough about the Knicks season tipping off tomorrow based on them being the most enjoyable, likable, deep Knicks team I can remember here in years along with actual chaos already engulfing a couple of Atlantic division teams somehow not named the Knicks. But I hadn't even thought of how much of a madhouse Madison Square Garden is going to be now that it can be at full capacity for a team we know should be good this year. 

Look at the scene that occurred at the end of a preseason game against the Wizards with the building not even close to full.

Heading into a season with a team that has actual expectations may lead to less people leaving MSG and storming the streets of Manhattan after wins in February.

But that's a good thing. We can now focus on hopefully one day celebrating big wins in April, May, and maybe even one day June again. It starts with the players, the coaches, and everyone under Leon Rose doing their job (along with the guy above him not doing a goddamn thing). However the final ingredient in all this is the Knicks having a homecourt advantage like they did once upon a time in the 90s and creating that signature MSG sound amidst the chaos of DE-FENSE chants coming from a dimly lit crowd, because lest we forget...


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