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CONFIRMED: Joel Embiid Is Not A Babysitter, Does Not Care About Ben Simmons

And that right there should just about do it. Joel is clearly well beyond his breaking point with Baby Back Ben. So much that he called him a little baby and flat out said he doesn't care about him straight to the media. 

A couple of things about that. 1) I'm so glad he doesn't give a shit anymore. I felt terrible when Joel had to get up there and walk on eggshells around the Simmons saga. It was borderline disrespectful for the organization to make him get up there and say how he wanted to have Simmons back on the team. But now Joel doesn't have to give a damn anymore and can just go in on Simmons as much as he wants. 

But 2) after today, if the media truly cared about the fans in this city then they wouldn't ask Joel Embiid a single question about Ben Simmons again this season. Obviously Joel is going to have to deal with the Ben talk during every road game this season. But please, for the love of god, just let this man focus on the guys who are actually playing on this team. Don't let Ben Simmons become the distraction that he so desperately wants to be right now. Joel just gave you everything you need to know. He doesn't care about Simmons anymore and he's just focused on the team. So let him have that and don't bring it up anymore. 

I know that won't be the case for most members of the media since they're all a bunch of snakes who just care about themselves. But that's just a little something to keep in the back of your mind. Any media member who asks Joel about Simmons again from this point on doesn't give a shit about the team. 

Sidenote: See ya, bitch. Pretty expensive defensive drill if you ask me.