Baby Back Ben Simmons Gets Himself Kicked Out Of Practice By Doc Rivers And Suspended Just So He Didn't Have To Talk To The Media Today

Well you'll never believe this but turns out that Ben Simmons isn't necessarily thrilled to be practicing with the Philadelphia 76ers. Ya know, the team he spent this whole offseason trashing. Turns out that after shitting on his teammates, the organization, and the entire city of Philadelphia for the past few months made it a liiiiiitle awkward for ol' Benny Boy at practice yesterday. 

Now did you expect anything different? 

Fuck no. Obviously the only reason why Ben Simmons came back in the first place was because he was losing money. Clearly it wasn't that he had a change of heart and figured that maybe he'd stop being a coward for once in his life. So obviously he was going to be throwing a fit at practice like a little kid who didn't want to be there but his parents paid for the season already. 

Which is why when it was announced that Ben Simmons would be speaking to the media today, everybody should have known that shit was never going to happen. Maybe if Ben Simmons were a mature, rational adult who was humble enough to admit his own shortcomings as both an athlete and a man, he'd be able to speak to the media today. Or at the very least, stand up at the podium and give a few one-word answers. 

But he's so chicken shit that he couldn't even do that. So he continued to act like a child, got kicked out of practice, suspended for the season opener tomorrow, and now we're here. 


Again, none of this should be surprising to anybody. None of this should come as a shock to anybody. It's hilarious, yes. But shocking, no. Ben Simmons is who he is. A coward first and foremost. He won't play a single game this season and he'll never play a single game in Philadelphia ever again. If or when he does get moved, he'll always circle a game in Philly on the calendar as a maintenance day. Nobody should ever expect anything different at this time.