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Succession Is Taking Over The World - A Scottish Soccer Club Now Has A Sponsorship With The Show All Thanks To One Random Storyline

What a move. I love it. It makes sense from all sides, not that Succession needs any help promoting their show. Pretty sure everyone agrees it's fucking awesome with one of the best theme songs out there. 

Gotta give it to HBO. They always seem to have theme songs that just gets the blood flowing to different body parts. You hear it and you know you're in for some shit - or seeing Vinnie Chase prevail. But this is about taking a random storyline and throwing it out to the world. Oh Roman bought Hearts in Scotland to impress his dad only to find out Logan supports their rivals? Bingo. Now you support us. That's a win-win in the business. 

Best part? Heart is pretty good! They are second in the Scottish Premiership currently. 

Now that they rock Waystar/Royco on the chest? Pray for Rangers. Who cares about all the titles? You don't fuck with the Roy family. Pretty sure that's the main takeaway from the show. I'd also be lying if I said I wasn't in the market for a new soccer jersey. These things are fire. What I really need though is the Roy's to show up to a match. 

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Get Greg the Egg out there. 

The more I dig into Heart, the more I love them. They've been around for 147 years. They won the Scottish Championship last season to get promoted. Oh and according to Sky there will even be branding inside the stadium. (h/t Awful Announcing)

In a cheeky nod to this storyline, streaming service NOW worked with the high-flying Edinburgh club Heart of Midlothian on a partnership celebrating Roman Roy’s fictional takeover of the team. This partnership sees the name of the Roy family’s infamous company Waystar Royco added to the front of Hearts’ iconic shirts, as well as on branding within the club’s Tynecastle Park stadium.

It's unclear if they'll actually wear the shirts for a match, but it needs to happen. They are too fire. You can still donate to charity like they plan on doing and they'll still have the branding all inside the stadium. But wear the shirts. That's how you win the Scottish Premier League. Just a no-brainer. 

Think I speak for everyone when I say come on Heart.