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FIFA Wanted $1 BILLION So EA Sports Is Ending A 3 Decade Long Partnership

FIFA and EA sports will cut ties after FIFA was asking for EA to double their payments to $1 Billion over the next 4 years (aka $250 Million/year). Just an outstandingly ridiculous number.

FIFA stated that they believe in the future of esports within FIFA and believe that multiple parties should be in control over the game, not just EA. If you take that at face value, it seems like FIFA just cares about their game and wants it to be better. However, like the case with a lot of things at FIFA, it came down to dollar and cents.

FIFA knows that by licensing its assets to multiple parties, it could get significantly more money than it's currently getting from EA.

EA then went on and immediately trademarked "EA Sports FC," so you could imagine they'll be coming out with their own soccer game in the near future.

So what does this mean for the future of FIFA? I see the gaming world getting 2 different soccer games next year (excluding Pro Evolution Soccer) - one that's produced by EA and one produced by FIFA + the developers they choose.

It's going to get really dicey with licensing - will FIFA allow EA to create the same version of Ultimate team that we know and love (or hate)?

At the end of the day, I hope the core game stays relatively the same because the FIFA EA engine is pretty solid. Of course there's always gonna be FIFA bullshit goals that happen and Ultimate team will always be about pace abusing your players, but the core engine is solid and enjoyable.

The biggest W that can come out of this breakup would be if FIFA (or the newest EA Sports FC) became cross-platform. It's outrageous that the only cross-platform sports video game is MLB the Show. We need cross-platform sport video games ASAP.