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It Is My Pleasure To Say That Dog Owners Putting Their Pups On A Veggie Diet Can Result In Prison & $27k In Fines

NY Post- Dog owners face jail and $27,000 fines for putting pets on veggie diet.

Feeding your pooch plant-based meals could come back to bite Brits who want to switch up their animals traditional diet.

But adapting your dogs dinner to a vegetarian diet could land you in big trouble with the law.

Canines must be fed a “suitable diet”, according to the Animal Welfare Act 2006 – and you could be prosecuted if it is deemed you are not doing so.

The Blue Cross explains that UK dog owners have a legal duty to provide for their welfare needs.

All domestic animals have the legal right to: live in a suitable environment; eat a suitable diet; exhibit normal behavior patterns; be housed with, or apart from, other animals; be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease, under section nine of the act.


I don't know about you, but I think all pups out there should have the right to experience the joy that chowing down on some pieces of steak or chicken gives them. I can only speak for my puppy and every single time I've tossed her a piece of meat after dinner it quite literally makes her day whether it's a scrumptious piece of steak that I happened to get full on before giving it to her or some gross chopped meat I prepared and refrigerated earlier in the day just to mix in her food...it makes her happier than an Uber driver with a talkative passenger. 

I mean look at this beast I'm happy to come home to every single day!

You think that thing asks for carrots and kale? Fuck no. She's practically spit at me the few times in my life I've offered her a piece of my beloved watermelon at Midnight. Simply not for her. A big ole Rottweiler like her eats, sleeps, and breathes on the mere thought of some meat entering her system later on that day. So it's great to see that the folks over in the UK are being told to stop putting their dogs on vegetarian diets. That's basically the same idea as forcing say Seth Rogen to strictly write period timepiece drama movies.