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New Jersey Needs To Make A Blockbuster Deal For One Of These Tony Soprano Statues Popping Up In Lithuania

Here we are. It's 2021. And I'm jealous of the country of Lithuania. I never thought I'd be jealous of Lithuania considering Long Island itself has a bigger population than Lithuania, the average weather is only 64 degrees in July, and it's one fo the 3 baltic states which just sounds like a really miserable time. I've never thought of the word baltic and fun to be in the same sentence. Yet here I am more jealous than a fiancee with their soon-to-be spouse on a bachelor/bachelorette party all because they have Tony Soprano statues around their country.

And not just any Tony Soprano statues. These are GIANT Tony Soprano statues in Tony's most primitive state- his ginny tee (I can say that), his robe, and his shorts directly before receiving the paper down in his driveway. Would a simple bowling shirt look better normally? Sure, but when we're talking statue I want the robe. Not to mention it seems like there's literally multiples of these statues not just 1!

If there's more than 1 why can't the state of New Jersey acquire one in some international trade? They have a bunch of good exports like chemicals, transportation equipment, gabagool, and metal manufacturing. And to be clear I did not just google any of New Jersey's exports just now....I obviously knew that off the top of my head. Moral of the story is that Lithuania may need some transportation equipment and New Jersey needs a Tony Soprano statue. A win/win for both countries.