Chris Broussard Says the Bills Only Lost Because Their Left Tackle Taylor Lewan Got Hurt

We had one of the most exciting finishes of the NFL season so far on Monday night in Nashville. The Buffalo Bills, down three points, lined up to go for it on 4th and 1 from the Titans' 3-yard line with 16 seconds left. Josh Allen tried to sneak the ball behind the left side of the offensive line, but Tennessee blew it up and took over on downs to end the game.

According to Chris Broussard, this only happened because the Bills' left tackle, Taylor Lewan, left the game with an injury earlier in the game. That take might make some sense as to why the left side of the offensive line didn't do its job to allow Allen to get the yard he needed with the game on the line.

The only problem is that Lewan, quite notably, plays for the Titans.


I truly don't know how this was said on television. Even if Broussard doesn't know what team Lewan is on — which should obviously be a prerequisite for talking about the NFL on TV, but let's just say this one player slipped his mind — he got hurt *in that game*. He was carted off. It was kind of a big deal. If Broussard watched the game at all — which again, should be required to talk about it on television — he would have known that.

I couldn't watch that video more than once because it made me too embarrassed for him. I don't find the word "cringe" actually applicable very often, but this made me cringe. He was so sure that Lewan played for the Bills, it almost made me second guess myself for a second.

On a related note, I hope our boy Taylor is alright and that he'll be able to be back out on the field for the Titans and/or Bills soon enough.