Ultimate Football Guy Move: Bills TE Dawson Knox Broke A Bone In His Hand, Didn't Leave The Game Until He Threw A Successful 2-Point Conversion

Here's the play that the tweet is about.

Beautiful play call. But what makes it even beautiful is the fact that Bills TE Dawson Knox had a broken hand during the play. There are football guys than there are tight ends then there are Bills tight ends. They are truly built different. That's just Buffalo though. Yeah, I know they lost the game, but I fucking love that they went for it. You have a yard with arguably the best offense in the league. I have no problems when a coach plays to win the game instead of not to lose. Tip your hat to a hell of a play by the Titans. 

I love that the quote says Knox wants to return as fast as possible. Dude has a broken bone in his hand, his job is to catch balls and block. Call me crazy but I'd be out for year(s). Dawson Knox though? Maybe after the bye week. Just put some ice on it and let him get back out there. Of course Knox refused to let the play change call too. He knew it was going to be successful. He wanted to throw the ball. Let the big man throw the ball Josh! It worked. 

I fully expect Knox to play the game after the bye week with some club on his hand and still go for like 70 yards and a touchdown. Dawson Knox was made to play tight end in Buffalo.