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I Talked To Kmarko For The First Time In A Year. I Think He Hates Me

New episode is premiering live now on YouTube.  I talked to Kmarko for the first time in a year since he was demoted from Editor-In-Chief.  He told me all his issues with how it went down, and I'm pretty sure he still hates me for it.  Before that unexpected sit down, we also had on our newest hire Expressions.  We continue to just get all the A-list talent from Europe between him, Troopz, and Paddy The Baddy. Other inside Barstool topics are a major problem I had with a Penn promo, an update on my investments and social media shadow ban, Steven Cheah wants to be full-time content, I went on Son Of A Boy Dad, an update on the hit piece that's been coming for a year, and people are insane if they don't think "We Are Family" is a top 5 wedding song. 

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