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Allow The Electricity Of Roundball Rock To Welcome You To The Start Of The NBA Season!!

David Dow. Getty Images.

If you can believe it, it's been 91 days since the Milwaukee Bucks and Giannis put on one of the greatest playoff runs of all time to reach the top of the NBA mountain. What an awesome moment for that team and city that I too hope to experience one day (again, not to brag). Maybe you feel the same way about your favorite team. That's the beauty of today. Today the journey to the 2022 NBA Championship officially begins. Everyone has a shot. Every fanbase should be filled with excitement and hope. Who knows, in 8 months you could be experiencing what the Bucks and their fans went through this past summer. Anything is possible, and that's the beauty of the start of another NBA season.

Which of course means it's time for the perfect way to get ready for tipoff. That's right. It's time to let the magic of John Tesh take over your body. 

If you're interested in a little peek behind the curtain of the blog game, I started this blog but kept getting distracted because I could not stop watching that video on repeat. It consumes me. Maybe the most electric song in the history of music. I'm just sitting here blaring this on my computer dancing in my office like a weirdo literally as I type this. I can't help it. Nothing gets the blood pumping like Roundball Rock, especially on Opening Night. It's intoxicating and this is not up for debate. Go ahead, give yourself the pleasure of listening through a few times, I'll wait.

In terms of what we're seeing tonight, it's hard to hate against a MIL/BKN and LAL/GS matchup. I cannot wait for the takes that will come tomorrow morning after Game 1. Especially if the Lakers look old and Steph goes nuclear on them. We get to see if a fully healthy Harden makes a difference against the champs and how they look against elite teams without Kyrie. We get Giannis vs KD which was an all time battle in the playoffs. It's going to be a tremendous night of basketball and then essentially every single night from here on out there will be NBA basketball on our TVs until the summer. It's incredible. 

I'll close this blog by wishing you and your favorite team all the best of luck (unless you're playing the Celts). Actually that's not true. Fuck the Lakers and their fans. Everyone else though, enjoy the season!