Dallas Man Gets Cops Called On Him Because Halloween Decorations Are Too Gruesome

(NY Post)

He’s shown a lot of guts. 

A Texas man who’s gruesome Halloween props prompted multiple police visits last year is back at it with even grislier lawn displays for the upcoming holiday. Videos describing the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”-evoking scene are currently going viral on TikTok. 

“There are lots of new gimmicks to this year’s caper,” macabre mastermind Steven Novak told the Dallas Observer of this year’s ambitious setup.

The blood-spattered phenomenon began last year after the Dallas native festooned his lawn with hyperrealistic mannequins dismembered in various ways, a dummy in a body bag, and 20 gallons of fake blood a la the “Shining.”

Snooooooooze. Non-story and the people that called the police on this guy are losers that can't recognize a good ol' fashioned midlife crisis when it slaps them right in the face. That's all this is; Steven is just a dad on dad steroids. I'm not a father (that I know of lmfao) but I gotta imagine Steven is going THROUGH IT right now. He needs a way to express himself and have fun again because those things waved bye bye a LONG time ago. I mean he's prolly got a gaggle of kids and a nagging wife at home. Can't go out with the boys and drink too much, sleep too little and gamble an inappropriate amount anymore. Instead he can fake like he's pulling a fun little family stunt by putting up a murder scene in his front yard, when all he's trying to do is piss people off and pass the time before he dies 40 or 50 years down the road. This front yard murder scene is just how he packages it: 


For some dads, like mine, they buy Harley Davidsons. Others cheat on their wives with much younger women or go sky diving or some shit. So who am I to make fun of Steven or his overzealous halloween display? I'll be there one day too, and so will you, you and YOU. I think. I mean sure, I would fucking hate driving down the road and seeing a murder scene in my neighbor's front yard, but that's his yard. Not mine. Even if he is an asshole that has way too much time on his hands to pull off something like this, let the man live. He wasn't allowed to buy that sweet Harley Davidson because his wife wouldn't let him. This is just the alternative he came up with. Easy as that.