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Matthew Tkachuk Got A 2-Minute Penalty For Being A Hero Last Night, Saving Numerous Fans From Taking A Rogue Puck To The Dome

Here's what's said--Spider Man goes out there and saves like one or two people per year all because he wants to bang his neighbor, and there are countless movies made about him. Matthew Tkachuk goes out there and saves at least several dozen fans from potentially getting murdered by this flying puck and what happens to him?

The refs have the audacity to give him a 2-minute minor for interference. Absolutely sickening. Matthew Tkachuk is a hero by all accounts. Have you ever taken a puck to the skull? Turns out a 6 oz rubber projectile flying at speeds of 50-100mph doesn't just feel like a light tap to the forehead. So instead of risking one of the home fans sustaining a serious head injury, Matthew Tkachuk puts his lightning fast reflexes and insanely impressive hand-eye coordination on display to prevent the puck from going over the glass. 

Now to be fair…

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There's also a good chance that Tkachucky Cheese was just stopping the puck from going over the glass because a Flames player launched it over the glass out of their own zone which would have resulted in a delay of game penalty. So effectively, he prevented a penalty being called on his teammate by committing one of his own. Which makes him the ultimate teammate. But it also just seems like the refs should have taken the who act of heroism into account. Kind of like in superhero movies when the good guy ends up destroying the entire city just in the name of stopping a bad guy. If you added up all the damage done in those scenes, sure, you could probably tell the hero to lawyer up and expect a few invoices coming his way. But because it was done as an act of heroism, it's all water under the bridge. Which should have been the case here. 

Moral of the story is that Matthew Tkachuk is a hero and the NHL owes him an apology for the Ducks scoring on the ensuing powerplay. Game goes to OT and then he just has to sit there on the bench and watch as that sick bastard Troy Terry sets up this nasty game winner. 

Yuck yuck yuck.