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The Yankees Are Rewarding Their Puppet of a Manager Aaron Boone With a Brand New Three Year Contract As The Rest of the Baseball World Laughs

Jim McIsaac. Getty Images.

Well, the expected has happened. Aaron Boone is coming back as the Yankees manager, but not just for one more season, not for two, but for THREE YEARS and…an option for 2025. Good chance at this rate I'm not around for that option year if the team is going to operate the way it has recently. 

At the end of the day this was expected. Anyone who is completely shocked as of this moment hasn't been paying attention. Doesn't mean we can't be angry, but shock isn't the word. If Boone wasn't coming back that would have been announced a few days ago when we were told three assistant coaches weren't returning. That's when we found out they were considering bringing in guys who were going to push the players more and do what Aaron Boone is incapable of. 

You know…because the manager the Yankees just gave a brand new shiny three year deal to is INCAPABLE OF PUSHING HIS OWN PLAYERS. If you're not going to make any important in-game decisions and you're not going to push your players, what the fuck do you do that warrants a contract extension like this? The entire baseball world is laughing at us. 

The problems within the Yankees organization go way further than Aaron Boone. He is not the sole reason for the Yankees regression since 2017, but he most definitely is part of the problem. He has created this ultra positive, 'everyone is doing a great job,' environment in the clubhouse. Boone doesn't lead, he babysits and he's being rewarded for it. Aaron Boone has not made the Yankees better during his tenure.  His job is to get the players to be the best versions of themselves and he has not elevated them. That alone should be enough for him to be moved on from. Instead he gets rewarded.

Last night in Game 3 of the ALCS (the one the Yankees aren't in again) Alexa Cora did something Aaron Boone would never think of. E-Rod mocked Correa's "it's my time" gesture to him after he was walking off the mound. Cora wanted none of it. 

Cora knows giving any team fuel for motivation this late in the year is suicide. You just can't do it. Save it until after you eliminate that team, not during the series. Boone would never in a million years do this to his own player. He probably wouldn't even notice it. Pains me to say this, but Cora does a lot of great things as a manager. He proves to you that a manager can make a difference with a team.  He's a leader, Boone is not. Hey but he wins in the regular season! That's what this joke of a press release commends him for. 

Well, now what? The expected has come to fruition. Boone is back for three…maybe four years. You gotta hire an analytical hitting coach now, hopefully going the same route that you did with Matt Blake who I thought did a tremendous job in 2021. Bring in someone who is going to get you on this list. 

Aaron Boone may argue that double plays are good things, but let's keep him out of this one please. We need to make contact more and life the ball in the air. Has to happen. The philopshy must change. Stress contact + elevation, not exit velo. 

So what is actually the plan here? If Hal and Cash are going to put the blame on the players then the checkbook has to open up. You're going to have to spend to get new players in here. Now maybe that is why they've tried to stay under the luxury tax number the last few years. Maybe that's why last year's payroll matched the one you had in 2005. We need massive roster changes. Getting Corey Seager won't even be enough. We're talking a 2008 offseason kinda period. You need to solidify a new 1B, SS, C, CF, and improve the. starting rotation. Cashman has his work cut out for him and then some.