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Twitter Troll Finds The Big Daddy He Needs

I attended my first NHL game last Friday. I've never been an avid watcher of Hockey, and truthfully, it's because my eyes could never keep up with the puck on TV. I'm happy to say that is not the case in person. I took a trip to the NHL store in NYC to look for a hockey jersey, or as us hockey fans call them, sweaters. It's a brand new store that has sweaters of every team and some displays from the Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, they didn't have my size, which is understandable. The gentleman at the store recommended I look for a Goalie Cut, which turns out is a real cut. (Hey NFL, can we get "Lineman Cut" jerseys, please?) 

I shared this with the twitter world, and unsurprisingly, a wild troll appeared. Living life on Twitter comes with trolls. There's many ways to deal with them: Block them, Mute them, Report them. Some try to fight fire with fire and troll the trolls. I don't like that tactic because it feeds the trolls and becomes a match of who can hate more. Believe me, I will lose that fight every time. Instead, I take pity on them. I mean, think about the type of person who has nothing better to do than be an internet troll. I'm not mad at them. I truly feel sorry for them. Not only do they have nothing meaningful in their lives, but they are in such a dark place, their idea of joy is bringing other people down with them. So, I don't troll them. I do my best to let them know it's gonna be alright, usually via movie quotes that are well known and motivational. This troll didn't get the reference.

I'm still young in my Twitter life, but this may be my masterpiece.

I love it! A mean negative comment turned into something that can be shared and enjoyed over and over again. I'm still amazed that it worked out so perfectly. I thought by the third response that the troll knew the quote and was playing along, which would have also been a positive outcome, but nope. The troll seems to not understand it, which tells me this is just a sad young kid in need of a positive male role model. Well, I'll be your Big Daddy.