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AJ Brown Had His Own "Flu Game" After Having Food Poisoning On Sunday Which Led To So Much Diarrhea That He Lost 8 Pounds In 24 Hours

Have to give AJ Brown props for his 7-catch, 91 yard performance in last night's win over the Bills, a game he almost didn't play in after being downgraded from "healthy" to "questionable" late on Sunday. It got out that it was an illness but not Covid related so no one really knew much. Monday rolled around and they said Brown would play but no one knew how many snaps or what his role would be. First half wasn't great for Brown but he and Ryan Tannehill got on the same page in the second half and he had some huge catches to move the sticks and keep drives going, the biggest one on a crucial 4th down late in the game. But it wasn't until after the game that we learned that the illness Brown had was from food poisoning caused by Chipotle. We've all been there AJ, I feel your pain.

The dreaded Chipotle flu, nothing like it. One minute you're halfway done your chicken bowl with extra white rice, fajitas, tomatoes, two scoops of red hot salsa, and sour cream with a large chip and large guac on the side and then next you're SPRINTING up the stairs trying to get to the toilet in time. AJ felt that on Sunday. He said it lost 8 pounds on Sunday and had to have 3 IVs on Monday just to be able to play. He was getting IVs before the game, halftime, anytime he could. That burrito bowl really almost knocked him out. 8 pounds in one day because of food poisoning sounds like an absolutely terrible day, no doubt there isn't a worse way to shed that weight. Tough look for AJ on the sponsorship front too, he threw them directly under the bus when asked about it, but he's an honest man and had to tell the truth. Think it's safe to say his agent won't be hearing from them about future work. 

After the game Brown tweeted out a picture of the Jordan 12s, the same shoes Michael Jordan was wearing during his food poisoning game flu game. He knew what he was doing with this tweet and I love it. Have to give credit where credit is due, he had a really shitty Sunday and still ended up balling out on Monday. Thank god they were wearing the dark blue pants too, I'll say that. They asked Derrick Henry in the postgame if they knew about Brown's situation and he said the only thing they did was make sure he had enough toilet paper. What a teammate.


Safe to say Brown and the rest of the Titans will be staying away from any Nashville Chipotle's for the next few weeks, at least until the bye week.