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Derrick Henry Had The Fastest Sprint Speed Of Any Ball Carrier In The NFL All Season And The Fastest Of His Career On His 76-Yard TD Run

We need Sports Science to come back just so John Brenkus can explain to the American people how it's possible that Derrick Henry can be this size and that fast. Last night he got the Titans on the board with a monster 76-yard touchdown. When he breaks into the second level it legit looks like a real life turbo button. How? How is that possible? Henry hit the fastest speed he's ever hit, and the fastest speed out of ANYONE IN THE NFL THIS ENTIRE SEASON at 21.80 MPH. He's running right by cornerbacks who have the angle on him, he's running right by safety's, he's running right by everyone. 

Watching Henry sprint down the field is like what it would look like if a refrigerator could run a 4.3 40, any maybe quicker. He runs like Chris Johnson but he's 50 pounds heavier than him, think about that for a second. HE'S 247 POUNDS AND IS FASTER THAN EVERYONE. There are linebackers that are praying to the high heavens that they can grow to be Henry's size. There are sprinters who pray for speed like his. You don't see humans his size run that fast, it's like he was put on this earth for one reason and that is to play running back. 

Look at the other running backs in the league who have been in the conversation as the best in the league, Dalvin Cook, Christian McCaffrey, Nick Chubb. All of them are hurt and broken down, meanwhile Henry is eating carries for lunch and setting records. He already has 783 rushing yards which is 260 more than the guy in second place. Get this man in the MVP conversation, and start fitting him for his Gold Jacket and his bust, he'll be in Canton pretty soon.