Season 2 Trailer For The Leftovers

So season 2 looks entirely different from Season 1. Most likely because this show was based on a book and they flew though the whole thing because, to be honest, the book is uneventful. Its just people living after unexplained tragedy. Which is interesting. But can only go so far on TV.

So in S2 everyone flees to Miracle, Texas, presumably the one place on earth that didnt experience Departures. So they think its all happy and safe and they can start over but turns out Miracle aint all that its cracked up to be. Sounds like more of a generic suspense type of plot, as opposed to the first season which was tackling a plot that was very unique and very creative. But with Geary Senior’s crazy ass still in the mix talking about rebuilding the world and some sort of flashback or visions of Patty, it looks like we get a lot of the old cast along with the new people from Miracle. Will be interesting to see how this plays out. I could see it bombing entirely since they just flat out took it in an entire different direction for the sake of TV, or maybe it succeeds because of that. Maybe there was only so many more episodes of depressing fucking Maple, NY that viewers could handle and this new version will spice things up. Either way, count me in for season 2. I will try to write reviews like I did last season if the new version of it warrants them (AKA if I dont get too lazy.)