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Carter Hart Is A Certified Sick Son Of A Bitch For This Save Against Jordan Eberle

Who's back of the week? Who's back of the year? Who's back of the century?

Carter. Fricking. Hart. 

Goodness gracious. What a save. That's the type of stop right there that can completely change the trajectory of young Cahtah. Obviously last season was a total disaster. He was a mental trainwreck and his stats showed it. Then the 2nd period during the season opener on Friday happened. And people were so ready to claim Carter to be the next great bust in a long storied tradition of busts in Philadelphia. 

But this stop right here? Well I need the haters to print out a photo of that save, roll that photo up into a little ball of paper, and shove it right up their own hoop. 

Also helps that like 10 seconds later the Captain launched a heat seeking piss missile to the top bunk. 

Bar south. Laser. Smell ya later.