Some Nut Job Brought Her Own Microphone and Speaker On a Flight Just To Rant About The Pandemic

First things, first. Shout out to the person filming this who bought airplane wifi just to post this video. In my history of buying mid-flight wifi it just ends up being a waste of money as I struggle to connect or stay connected for the duration of my travels. It appears this person got their money's worth and thus gifted us this preposterous video. Bravo. 

Secondly, School of Rock is a tremendous film and the person watching that in the row ahead made a great decision. Unfortunately, they were interrupted by this clown show who brought her very own microphone and speaker on the flight on the off chance the flight attendants wouldn't provide her with one of theirs. Good thing she thought ahead otherwise her plans would be have been foiled. 

My biggest gripe here is how long she spoke without saying anything of importance. You've already done the hard part in acquiring a microphone and a goddamn speaker, JUST TALK. If I'm on this flight I'm already not happy that I'm missing School of Rock, but you have my attention so get on with it. Get to the fucking point of how the pandemic started. Spit it out! Clearly she wasn't prepared and that's just terrible. The stage got too bright and she couldn't handle being told to shut the fuck up. Completely folded the moment adversity arrived. You've got me for 10 maybe 20 seconds the moment words start blaring out of that godforsaken device. That video was 90 seconds long and I haven't got a single clue what the hell she was trying to say. Clean it up.