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Breaking: Evander Kane Has Been Suspended 21 Games For Submitting A Fake Vaccine Card

Add another one to the list for the Michael Jordan of being a fuck up. Evander Kane has been caught submitting a fake vaccine card to the NHL and they've suspended him for 21 games. That 21 game suspension is without pay and will cost him roughly $1.6M in salary. That is a tough break for a guy who has declared bankruptcy recently related to gambling issues (if you do have gambling issues this feels like an appropriate time to mention 1-800-gambler). On top of that...

Couldn't substantiate claims of Evander Kane being a scumbag so the league just decided until he fucked up something else to suspend him. In this instance it was fraud (I think that submitting fraudulent vaccine card could be deemed fraud, but I am not a lawyer). 

I am not here to comment on Kane's choice to remain unvaccinated. That's the third rail and I am not a virologist so I am not qualified. We've seen workers in many sectors object to mandates including the police force in Chicago. I won't comment on fears, concerns, or objections, but you can't go around lying and forging documents just to get your way. If Evander Kane didn't want to take the vaccine then he shouldn't have to and I also think that the Sharks should have to pay him much the same way the Blue Jackets agreed to pay Zac Rinaldo without playing. You just can't fake documents.'re Evander Kane. You're get caught seemingly EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU DO SOMETHING WRONG OR ILLEGAL. How the fuck does he think he'd be able to get away with this? Maybe this should be a sign for Evander to just start telling the truth. Start there and maybe good things will start to happen for you.