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How To Make The Perfect Bacon Wrapped Date (VIDEO)

Six ingredients? Bourbon caramel sauce? Super easy to make? Where the fuck do I get started. Obviously its with the unsalted cold butter and packed light brown sugar. But from a more figurative standpoint, why aren't we eating more bacon wrapped dates? This shit looks delicious and couldn't be more straightforward. 

Yet bacon wrapped dates rarely make it out of the wedding venue. The BWD is a delicacy in the world of matrimonial bliss. A sign that the bride and groom aren't just committed to each other - but the broader wedding party as a whole. They want you to know this marriage is built to last and no better way than serving the wedding hor d'oeuvres that was made to be remembered. Thats what I think about when I think bacon wrapped date. A couple that understands flavor profiling, convenience, and how to hit the sweetspot on the collective palette of a large population. That's a couple you can trust. 


Nobody called Bacon Wrapped Dates The Best Wedding Hor D'oeuvres. I'm just saying it's the most iconic. The name brand recognition alone puts this in the tier-1 category. All the other factors just help it stand alone. It won't fill you up. Won't make you shit your pants. It tastes outstanding. Super easy to eat. Pairs well with most cocktails and wines. Most importantly though it gets so many parts of your brain working. The sweet taste of the middle eastern fruit. The resounding crunch of the burnt salted pork fat. The combined texture mixed with the perfect serving size. This is a wedding reception appetizer that drives the babes wild. There was never another under any consideration. 

Whether or not that plays on the graphic remains to be seen. Personally I'm confident BWD stands alone but that's not to up me. It's up to the loyal and faithful Snake Draft voting body - a group I've come to respect unconditionally. 

Watch the draft this week to form your own opinion. Graphic to be released later tonight.