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Dick Vitale Announced He's Been Diagnosed With Cancer, Plans To Still Call Games Around His Chemo Schedule

[Source] - For the second time in just a few months, I’ve been diagnosed with a form of cancer. As a result of some symptoms I’ve had in recent weeks, I’ve been undergoing tests and doctors have now confirmed it’s lymphoma.

The plan is to treat my lymphoma with steroids and six months of chemotherapy. The medical experts tell me it has a 90-percent cure rate. They say I can continue to work so I will have to manage my work schedule around my chemo schedule as they will monitor my test results along the way.

This fucking sucks man. Dickie V is college basketball. I know he's lost his fast ball calling games. I know we've clowned on him a bit but the man lives and breathes the sport. He's the guy we all grew up with calling games. You hear his voice you just know it's college basketball time. It's still insane that Dickie V is 82 years old and calling games. EIGHTY TWO years old and he doesn't stop. It's remarkable that he's still out there grinding on the Saturday noon ESPN game. Most 82 year olds are just hanging out, but Dickie V is still crowdsurfing when he can and doing a little shimmy on the sidelines. 

The good news here is the cancer is beatable. Vitale says it has a 90 percent recovery rate. Awesome. Hope he fucking destroys it. I'll be honest, this is one of those stories that when I saw the news punched me in the gut. I'm 34 years old, been watching and living college hoops as long as I can remember. Like I said, some of the fondest memories watching games includes Vitale on the call. Whether it was ACC games or when he moved into calling the biggest game of the day he was just always there. 

I have nothing but respect for Vitale though with what he's done to help battle children's cancer. It's remarkable. Another reason why I love that he's like yeah I'll just schedule my chemo around college hoops. You think he's going to miss a Kansas State/Iowa State game? I don't think so. The guy is going to be dialed in. 

As always, fuck cancer.